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As a tourism operator for inbound and outbound tourism Lusotravel offers to make and deliver products inside and outside the country, trying to maximize the quality and price ratio in order to surprise the customers with service innovation.

As inbound tourism operators, we will offer a range of proposals for Portugal, also with different options for religious and cultural tours; being available to create other circuits, according to specific interests of each group that comes to visit us.

As outbound tourism operators, we currently have proposals for Poland and Brazil and soon to other European countries. The circuits for Poland are for five and seven days with departure from Lisbon or Porto. The religious tours presents the culture and history of one of the oldest countries in Europe, its monuments, places of worship and aspects of dramatic events in the European history.

In Brazil, we also want to show those aspects so often hidden in postcards, soap operas and tourism advertising. Country of countless natural wonders, has a visible historical bond shared by people, the cuisine, houses historical facade, the customs and faith. Brazilian citizens will appreciate to know better Portugal to identify one of their roots. In the other hand, Portuguese will get to know the country that they once helped to build up, and they will realize the courage and the entrepreneurship ability that is the legacy shared by our ancestors.

Instead of packages that would give to our customers standard tours and conventional comfort, walks by the beach and meals, we will give the emotion of learning the culture and the history that we share together, the glory, the artistic work, besides the willingness of the people and their contagious happiness, the liveliness and positive frame of mind.