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Lusotravel operates in the area of inbound tourism in Portugal specialy on religious and cultural segments.

The Sanctuary of Fatima, the main reference of portuguese pilgrinage destiny, is visited annually by over five million people; the reception field includes the esplanade and the two Basilicas, Nossa Senhora do Rosário and Santíssima Trindade, covering an area of 86 000 square meters with capacity for 300 000 people.

Near the temples already visited by three popes (Paul VI, John Paul II and Benedict XVI) are the museums: The Museum of Sacred Art, the Fátima Wax  Museum and the Life of Christ Wax Museum. The last one is unique in the entire world, with an area of ​​4400 square meters displaying 210 wax figures in 33 different scenarios of great realism.

Portugal still offer other places of religious interest to visit. Emphasis is to the church Holy Miracle in Santarém, the Sanctuary of Nossa Senhora de Nazaré, near the town of Nazaré and the Sanctuary of Nossa Senhora da Lapa, known throughout the Portuguese cultural expansion and pointing to the antiquity of the beliefs of the Portuguese people. The country offers to visitors with particular interested in this area a faith meeting and the history of the oldest nation in Europe, which contributed so much for the dissemination of western Christian culture in the world.

Thirteen historic, cultural and natural sites classified by UNESCO as world heritage are very close to these cultural and religiou places, where visitors can taste the finest wine, the exquisite cuisine and feel the traditional hospitality of the Portuguese people.

As an outbound travel operator, Lusotravel offers privileged destinations such as Poland and Brazil.

Poland because the sites of the twoo wars, the old connection with the Christian faith, the spectacle of its monuments and the strong mark that the people left in the world history. The country provides an exceptional experience. We can offer five or seven days throughout the main tourist attractions, religious and historical circuits, the birthplace of a pope who carried Portugal in his heart.

Brazil offer carnival, samba, maracatu and carimbó, wonderful beaches and a stunning landscape. There is also the lesser-known and no-publicized Brazil, places to the historical signs and records of the grouth of a great nation. We propose circuits to Brazil to follow the steps and the lives of pioneers and missionaries who contributed to the development of one of the most promising nations in the planet. Country of endless rivers and impenetrable forests, modern and baroque cities, Brazil is an immense fair of surprises.